Areas around East Baton Rouge Parish experience flooding and now wait for the water to recede

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 4:25 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) - Areas around East Baton Rouge Parish are experiencing large amounts of street flooding, and now are just waiting for the water to go down.

From Tigerland to Maryland Street, near Mckinley High School, people watch as standing water slowly drains.

“That’s why I am really hoping it goes down at least a couple more feet so I can get up out of here if I can,” says Laquita Beale. Like Beale, some just have to wait it out, but others are trying to do the best they can to get the water out of their homes. “I heard people yelling at 11:30 pm, I got up and there was just water all over my floor,” says Mary Hall who lives in the KP Alaska Apartments.

Residents on Maryland Street are surrounded by water to where they are unable to leave their...
Residents on Maryland Street are surrounded by water to where they are unable to leave their house.(WAFB)

Over at the KP Alaska Apartment Complex on Alaska Street, residents pull out mops and brooms trying to get the water out. Some folks tell us they believe they got 3 ft of water, and it even reached up to some of their electrical sockets.

Michael Washington says he woke up three times during the night trying to get rid of the water.

“I must have fell asleep, she come out saying ‘Michael, Michael, Michael!’ I put my feet on the floor that water was ice cold, ice cold,” says Washington who also lives in the KP Alaska Apartment Complex.

Washington says he just moved into the apartment complex and seeing the water drain slowly worries him for when it rains again. “I just get up, that’s all I can do, I’m frustrated, but what else can I do? I have nowhere else to go, I got nowhere else to go, but here. So, I just got to save what I can save, and what I can’t save it just get rid of,” adds Washington.

It will be a late night for most folks in Baton Rouge because rain is expected again, for now, most will have to cross their fingers hoping the water won’t get back into their homes.

East Baton Rouge Parish officials said it is important for people who have experienced flooding or damage to begin self-reporting to help officials assess the needs of the parish and quickly get resources on the state and federal level.

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