FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Area won’t feel like Fall anytime soon

Autumn officially begins early Monday morning at 2:50 a.m. But, it’s not going to feel like Fall really anytime soon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect a few afternoon thundershowers, breezy winds

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mainly clear skies to start Saturday

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Local area to stay mostly dry Friday morning

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Could see some spotty showers

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fringe rain bands will continue to roll through parts of our area

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered showers, t-storms return

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FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Not much change to the weather pattern this week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot and mainly dry Sunday

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot, mainly dry start to the upcoming week

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect a dry and hot gameday forecast

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Mostly dry weekend ahead

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot, dry conditions persist; TS Humberto expected to form in next couple days

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Temps and tropics heating up

As we head into late Thursday morning, we’re enjoying lots of sunshine.

Invest 95-L continues tracking towards Gulf of Mexico

Model plots show this system making it’s way to SE Louisiana or as far east as the Florida Panhandle sometime Sunday or Monday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dry, hot days ahead

Not many umbrellas will be required over the course of the next few days and starting with this morning, it’s a quiet scan on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar with only “limited” activity expected later today.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Above normal temps, little rainfall expected for the week

After a rather active weather evening for some, FIRST ALERT Doppler radar is mainly quiet on this Tuesday morning – and only a few spotty to isolated showers anticipated for later today.


  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Feels like temperatures to hit triple digits during Sunday heat advisory for local area

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat Advisory again Sunday as temperatures soar

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect record-high temperatures this weekend

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat Advisory still in effect; hot, dry weekend on the way

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot weekend ahead; dry

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat Advisory issued for Baton Rouge area through Thurs. evening

A Heat Advisory is in effect from 10 a.m. this morning through 7 p.m. this evening. High temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 90°s, with peak heat index values between 105°-109° this afternoon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hottest string of days for the summer ahead

Dorian is a Category 2 hurricane this morning as it tracks just offshore of the east coast of Florida.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Tropics and temperatures heating up

Tracking several systems in the tropics and heat here at home.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Tropics remain active; heat is the local headline

Dorian continues to meander near Grand Bahama Island this morning where devastating impacts have been reported.

  Dorian triggers massive flooding in Bahamas; at least 5 dead

A radio station received more than 2,000 distress messages, including reports of a 5-month-old baby stranded on a roof and a grandmother with six grandchildren who cut a hole in a roof to escape rising floodwaters.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dorian aims at east coast, locally hot and typical showers

Dorian remains one of the strongest Atlantic storms ever recorded. Closer to home, a more typical weather pattern.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect scattered cooling showers for Labor Day, heat for the week ahead

Locally the big weather story for the week ahead will be the heat. Labor Day will see some scattered cooling showers. Highs Monday will climb into the low-to-mid-90s.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered thundershowers expected for rest of Labor Day weekend

Expect hot and humid conditions for the week ahead.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chance for a few afternoon showers over the coming days.

Moisture associated with a broad low pressure system in the Gulf of Mexico will bring a chance for a few afternoon showers over the coming days. This low has a low end chance for tropical development, but the core is essentially moving away from SE LA.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Hot, dry game day; tropical developments

It's going to be a hot but dry Saturday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: First half of Labor Day weekend looks dry, then scattered showers return

Fair skies and sunshine with lower than average summer humidity typically means low to mid 90s for many WAFB neighborhoods, but the drier, less humid air is much appreciated and that looks to hold into Saturday as well.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dorian likely to hit Florida as major hurricane; little threat to Louisiana

Hurricane Dorian remains the main weather story for the Southeast United States. As of the 4 AM advisory by the National Hurricane Center Dorian remains a strong Category 2 Hurricane with sustained winds of 105 mph.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: All quiet on Doppler Radar

After all the heavy rainfall last night, your early Thursday out-the-door is much drier! And, in fact, only limited activity is expected even later today on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat Advisory in effect

Not much activity to speak of – early – on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar, but your midweek forecast is still including scattered showers and storms that will impact your afternoon.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Watch out for areas of patchy fog

After a rather active Monday afternoon and evening on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar, your Tuesday morning is starting off nice and quiet – warm and steamy – but quiet.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Locally heavy afternoon showers

Scattered showers and thunderstorms are increasing in activity into the afternoon hours.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Flash Flood Watch issued Sunday morning

A Flash Flood Watch has been issued for most of our local area until mid-morning Monday.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Soggy end to the weekend

An area of low pressure in the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico is going to make for a soggy end to the weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Non-tropical low pressure system to bring periods heavy rain this weekend

Rain bands are expected to produce brief heavy downpours and some gusty winds this weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rainy weekend ahead

Scattered rains were the story Friday, yet the First Alert forecast gets even wetter Saturday and Sunday. Friday afternoon’s Storm Team forecast sets rain chances at 70% or better both Saturday and Sunday, with highs both days in the mid to upper 80s.

  Crews cleaning out drainage canal ahead of expected rainy weekend

Conditions are expected to be rainy this weekend (Aug. 24 and 25), and crews are working to clean out at least one drainage canal ahead of the rain.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain likely Friday through Monday

Overall, your Friday morning commute “should” be relatively dry but FIRST ALERT Doppler radar is already showing areas of showers and storms moving northward from the Gulf.

FIRST ALERT WEATHER: Keep the umbrella close by

It’s a nice, quiet out-the-door on this Thursday morning.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increase going into weekend

Scattered showers and storms broke out across the WAFB viewing area Wednesday afternoon and we can expect a repeat Thursday. The First Alert forecast gets even wetter for Friday and the weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered showers likely for remainder of week

So far, visibility looks MUCH better than it did this time yesterday morning, though a few areas of patchy fog can’t be ruled out during your morning commute.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain expected to continue through week, into weekend

Quiet and mainly dry out-the-door on this Tuesday morning – watch for a bit of patchy fog during your early drive – temperatures in the low to mid 70°s, for a change.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain remains the big weather story

It’s a relatively quiet out-the-door on this back to work/back to school Monday morning. Only limited activity showing up on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar – at least for the time being – and that’s mainly along the coastal communities.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances to increase this week

A rainy weather pattern essentially begins today. Rain chances will be 50% or higher over the next 10 days.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Bring an umbrella to the first day of classes

Get ready for a wet weather pattern to move into the local area and hang around for a while. Showers and a few t-storms will be widespread and off and on each day next week.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Afternoon scattered showers, thunderstorms expected for Saturday

The weather pattern begins to change today as higher than normal daily rain chances are on the horizon.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Rain chances increase for weekend; Sunday looks wetter

It has been a hot and mainly dry Friday across the WAFB region, but we are going to see some changes into the weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chances for rain going up for weekend

The hot and muggy weather will last as we close out the work / school week and head into the weekend.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: ‘Cool’ front moving through, and with it comes rain

No heat advisories and no threat of severe weather in your forecast this Thursday morning; in fact, we’re actually starting off with temperatures in the mid/upper 70°s for a change.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Another hot August day

The good news – SE LA and SW MS *are not* under a Heat Advisory or an Excessive Heat Warning like we were yesterday! It’s still steamy out the door but at least we’re starting out below 80° - grab the umbrella today, it’s been awhile since the majority of us have needed it.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: High heat for next few days

One more day of serious August heat – a HEAT ADVISORY stays in effect through 8:00 tonight, an afternoon high topping out at 96°; a “feels like” temperature between 108° and 111°.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Trend of Heat Advisories continues

Hot and humid August conditions, along with scattered afternoon showers and storms, will continue to headline our weather as we head into a new week.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat advisory continues Sunday

Right now, it looks like feels like temperatures will max between 104 to 108 degrees across the local area.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Not as hot on Sunday, but still hot for August

It won’t be as hot Sunday, but it will still be plenty hot for early August.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat advisory in effect this Saturday

A Heat Advisory is in effect today as afternoon highs are expected to climb into the mid 90s with feels like temperatures maxing out at 108 degrees.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Heat Advisory issued through Friday evening

Heat has been the lead weather story through the last couple of days, and heat will be the main weather story this weekend. Don’t be surprised if additional Heat Advisories are issued for parts or all of the WAFB over the weekend.


As we wrap up a back-to-school week for many students, at least our out-the-door temperature on this Friday is below 80° - but just barely.

  Crews working to clean up levee and dock after historically high river level

After the Mississippi River shattered records for how long it was above flood stage, it has finally started to recede, leaving behind silt and debris from upriver.

NOAA increases numbers in updated hurricane outlook

Potential for an above-normal Atlantic hurricane season has increased in NOAA's latest outlook.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Chances for afternoon showers could be lower than normal

Walking out the door this morning, for many youngsters it’s the first day of school , and it’s a warm, very humid summer morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Low chances for afternoon rains continue

It’s another in a series of warm and humid mornings; starting out in some neighborhoods in the lower 80°s, a “feels like” in the mid 80°s – and it just goes higher as the day progresses.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered rain expected for next several days

It is a very steamy and warm summer morning; out-the-door temperatures in the mid to upper 70°s and it “feels like” the low to mid 80°s even this morning.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Decent rain chances to start the week

It’s a steamy and warm summer morning – add to that, areas of patchy fog and for some, the early commute could have a few more challenges than usual.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Temps to reach the low 90s before passing showers come through Sunday

Rain is still a pretty good bet as we start the new week. Half of our viewing area will receive measurable rainfall today and tomorrow.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Expect showers, but don’t cancel Sunday plans

The current weather pattern is not expected to change much in the coming days. We do expect a slightly earlier development for showers and t-storms Sunday and these storms will be a little bit more widespread.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Dodging afternoon showers and thunderstorms

The weekend won’t be a washout, but we’ll be dodging showers and thunderstorms primarily during the afternoon hours.

  FIRST ALERT FORECAST: More of the same summer weather on the way

The Storm Team forecast is calling for more of the same, with repeat daily performances of our traditional mid-summer weather through the weekend and just about all of next week.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Summertime pattern continues; rain expected over weekend

Overall, our early August weather pattern isn’t expected to change much over the course of the next several days – starting with this morning, temperatures pretty typical for early morning this time of year – in the low to mid 70°s.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered showers expected for coming afternoons; higher rain chances for weekend

It’s a nice, quiet start to the month of August – and, as you would expect, a forecast that we’re relatively familiar with by this time of the year.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Typical summer showers expected through week

It’s the last day of July and a rather typical summertime forecast – starting with this morning, not much on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar – at least not yet.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Keep your umbrella handy

Keep your umbrella nearby today – more than likely, it will be needed by the majority of us.

Army Corps of Engineers deactivates Phase 2 of flood fight as Mississippi River water level lowers

The New Orleans District of the Army Corps of Engineers is moving from Phase 2 Flood fight procedures after the waters levels along the Mississippi River have dropped.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Keep an umbrella close as rain chances remain for the week ahead

It’s definitely back – late July weather that is ever-so-typical for SE LA and SW MS – humidity is up, temperatures up and increasing activity on FIRST ALERT Doppler radar.

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Scattered showers and thunderstorms Sunday afternoon

We’ll have to dodge scattered showers and thunderstorms again this afternoon. Don’t cancel your plans, but keep an eye on the radar with our free First Alert Weather app.