The Fifth Season

  Families and officials adjust hurricane preps and response due to COVID-19

Louisianans know all about hurricane season; it’s just part of the price of admission to live here. This season feels different, though. It’s not just the potential for storms. It’s also the cloudy forecast around us with the coronavirus.

  Experts weigh-in on stress of dealing with COVID-19 and hurricane season

  2020 Hurricane Season marks 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

  Watching higher Mississippi River levels

  Flood insurance reminder for 2020 hurricane season

  WATCH: WAFB’s hurricane special, The Fifth Season

Remembering Hurricane Camille, 50 years later

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  Camille survivor almost 50 years later

Earl Armstrong thinks back to a dangerous walk, “About halfway down I said I hope the road is still there down on that other end because if it wasn’t, we were going to have to swim." The 25-year-old, his father and uncle had planned to stay in his house, but the wind proved too much early on.