Livingston Parish candidates forum

  Instances of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wearing 'brownface' surface

The revelations complicate Justin Trudeau's re-election campaign.

  Iran FM Zarif threatens 'all-out war' if attacked by US

  2020 Democratic candidates compete for union votes

A crop of Democratic hopefuls making their pitch to one of the most powerful labor organizations, promising to empower unions.

  Trump, California's gov. spar over ideological differences

The Trump administration is trying to find way to exploit California's weaknesses to try to make political points, California Gov. Gavin Newsom said.

  Democrats, Republicans poised to discuss way forward on guns

As Republicans and Democrats discuss gun legislation, President Trump has yet to unveil his stance on the issue.

  US oil prices spike after Saudi Arabia attack

An attack on a major global supplier of oil is having a major impact on gas prices here at home.

  Israel votes in second general election in 5 months

Tuesday's vote marks their second showdown of the year between Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.

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  Unusual nicknames of Louisiana candidates

  Trump administration delays tariffs in bid to end trade war

The tepid relationship between the U.S. and China might be warming up.

  2020 state of play on debate day

  Nadler: Trump impeachment hearings to begin next week

  Nadler: Impeachment decision 'cannot be based on our feelings about President Trump'

The House Judiciary Committee met Thursday to make procedural choices in its probe of President Donald Trump.

  E-cigarette makers feel the heat amid talks of flavor bans

  Trump denies role in NOAA statement, insists Bolton was fired

  President Trump speaks on September 11 anniversary

President Donald Trump speaks at the 9/11 service at the Pentagon.

  9/11 observance: Trump lays wreath at Pentagon

  9/11 observance: Flag, bagpipes procession in NYC

  House committee advances 3 gun control measures

Gun violence prevention legislation was approved by the Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

  Democrats want Senate vote on gun background checks

There's a push to get a House-passed gun background check bill on the Senate floor for a vote.

  Pompeo discusses potential meeting with Taliban, now cancelled

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Taliban tried to gain a negotiating advantage with the bombings.

  Republican candidates lobby voters at forum

  Trump shows altered map of Hurricane Dorian's trajectory

While talking about Hurricane Dorian, President Trump used a map that looks like it was altered with a Sharpie.

  Brexit: A whirlwind day for Boris Johnson

  Trump: Not sure I've heard of a category 5 hurricane

  Tariffs in effect as China, US trade war resumes

There's still no end to the trade war between the U.S. and China, and more tariffs are underway.