Bernie Sanders discusses election interference

Sanders addresses Russian interference in the election.

  Minnesota family adds soldier dad to family photos 2 months after his death

The chief warrant officer is superimposed in two pictures, proudly looking over this wife’s shoulder at his newborn son and his toddler daughter.

  Sickness nightmare: New flu and coronavirus numbers

New numbers show flu deaths for children are reaching record highs

  Carbon monoxide: The silent killer

How to prevent the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  Hugh Jackman voices support for bullied Australian boy

Celebrities like Australian actor Hugh Jackman have voiced their support for Quaden Bayles and a GoFundMe page set up by American comedian Brad Williams has rai

  Nevada union has issues with Sanders

  Nevada caucus concerns remain

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  U.S. lawmakers were warned last week about Russia interfering with the 2020 election

U.S. lawmakers were warned last week about Russia interfering with the 2020 election.

  Coronavirus infected Americans rushed into isolation

Four Americans infected with Coronavirus have been rushed into Isolation as dozens of people in quarantine are released into the public.

  Woman falls through ceiling in jail escape attempt

Ohio woman tries to escape jail waiting area but falls through ceiling instead.

  Roger Stone sentenced to 40 months in prison

Roger Stone sentenced to prison and ordered to pay fine amid Trump complaints against prosecutors.

  Parent wants more action after child is called N-word, teacher reprimanded

A letter of reprimand in the teacher’s permanent file came after a week’s investigation and a recommendation by a school lawyer.

  Tennesseans go back to 'natural' burial

  WWII veteran carried to seat at Trump rally in Phoenix

  RAW: Roger Stone arrives for sentencing

  Roger Stone, former informal adviser to Trump, faces sentencing

  Divers recover bodies of 2 women whose car fell off Fla. ferry

  Va. man facing several child porn charges denied bond

  Suspect wielding knife shot by police in Texas

Houston authorities shot a man wielding a knife in a parking lot.

  Man accused of killing, beheading step-grandmother

A Michigan man is accused of killing and beheading his step-grandmother.

  Utah man found dead in freezer left letter to clear wife

A Utah man who was found dead in a freezer left a note behind to exonerate his wife.

  Bloomberg faces fire in his first night on debate stage