22-year-old drives through mall

A man drove an SUV through a mall in Illinois.

  Desk of student with special needs put in bathroom

Mom of a student with special needs blasts his middle school after they put his desk in a bathroom.

  Alligator seen in Michigan pond near junior high

Michigan is not really known for alligators

  Experts: Human trafficking hidden tragedy of broken immigration system

Hundreds of thousands migrants a year endure long and treacherous journeys with the help of smugglers. What they find in the US, they couldn't have imagined.

  Dog has lived in animal shelter 400 days

Queen has been living at the Great Plains SPCA for more than 400 days and Scott Poore said that needs to change.

  Stage set as people arrive for 'Area 51' event

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  Wash. middle school goes on lockdown after several students take tabs, hallucinate

Seven students were taken out of school after teachers said they were acting like they were on drugs.

  Colorado mom puts injured bobcat in her car next to her young son

Wildlife officials have a warning: Don't pick up wild animals, even if they are hurt.

  Imelda: Hundreds rescued from deadly floods in Texas

  Synagogue shooting suspect appears in Calif. court

  Floodwaters easing in Texas, but warnings remain

Floodwaters in Southeast Texas are receding but residents are told to be cautious and patient.

  Raccoon holds onto bread truck for 16 miles in Florida

A raccoon took a 16 mile long ride on top of a Wonder Bread truck.

  Trump’s Ukraine call under scrutiny

President Trump reportedly pressured Ukraine's president to investigate Joe Biden's son.

  Protesting climate change goes global

Protesting climate change went global Friday.

  Imelda leaves destruction in Texas

A deadly trail of destruction and flooding was left behind by Imelda.

  Judge, Dragon Con co-founder indicted in hacking case

A county judge and the co-founder of Dragon Con are among 4 people indicted in a hacking probe.

  Law Enforcement preps for Area 51 'storm'

Authorities in Nye Co., NV are ready if anyone shows up for the now-canceled "Storm Area 51" event.

  Parents irate after 13-year-old hurt in school fight

Two California middle schoolers are under arrest after a fight that went viral on Facebook. The assault left one child hospitalized in critical condition. Now,

  Instances of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau wearing 'brownface' surface

The revelations complicate Justin Trudeau's re-election campaign.

  Iran FM Zarif threatens 'all-out war' if attacked by US

  Delta flight makes emergency landing after plunging 30,000 feet

Flight to Fort Lauderdale makes emergency landing to Tampa after issue with cabin pressure.

  New Mexico gov. announces free college plan

Students could soon have a free ride to a state college if Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s plan is approved.

  Imelda: Tornado in Baytown, Texas caught on camera (no sound)

  Imelda floods streets in Texas

  Mom allegedly poisoned baby with fentanyl

A woman is accused of rubbing drug residue to help her baby daughter sleep.

  Artist paralyzed by gunshot paints with her mouth

An Illinois woman who has used art to change her world has a spirit and a talent that can inspire anyone.

  2020 Democratic candidates compete for union votes

A crop of Democratic hopefuls making their pitch to one of the most powerful labor organizations, promising to empower unions.