LSU Concerned about Chants at Games

Published: Sep. 25, 2007 at 10:00 PM CDT|Updated: Oct. 1, 2007 at 3:41 PM CDT
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There are countless traditions at Tiger Stadium. However, the university is now taking steps to tone down one that seems to be getting out of hand. LSU's student section could clearly be heard saying the "f-word" inside cheers and chants Saturday, especially aimed at Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier. As WAFB's Caroline Moses reports, if things aren't cleaned up, the Tiger band could be the one silenced.

LSU students are improvising long-standing school songs, adding their own touches. Some say the foul language seemed worse than ever during Saturday's game against South Carolina. Colleen Rustin says, "It's supposed to say LSU, but students say kick their a**." Jacob Dugas says, "It's pretty cool. I think it's funny. But it doesn't matter to me. I'll chant what everyone else is chanting."

The chants forced band members to stop playing the last verse of their touchdown song, to keep students from shouting profanities. Skye Erie says, "It's just contagious once you go enough. I think there's a different thing for everything that happens, like something for touchdown, and every time a good play, we bow."

When the student section is full and students are all yelling in unison, it's loud. LSU officials are concerned that if they're yelling inappropriate language at a nationally-televised game, the university's image could be hurt. Assistant Athletic Director Herb Vincent says, "I think it was embarrassing what some of the students were saying. It wasn't all of them, but I hope it won't happen again for the Florida game."

Vincent says the band may permanently stop playing the current touchdown song if students continue to add inappropriate ad-libs. They've had to stop playing songs in past for that reason. However, students and administrators say they want to find a way to keep all their rituals in place. Vincent says, "We want the band to play music, want students to react the right way and everybody to be positive about it and as loud and boisterous, but not insulting to the other team." Erie says, "It's tradition and LSU tradition is life and students are really hardcore."

Band administrators are still deciding whether or not to play the Touchdown Ditty at future games. Vincent says the next home game, which is against Florida, will be a good test to see if fans can refrain from profanity. Editors of the LSU student newspaper, The Daily Reveille, wrote an opinion piece calling the foul language used by students this past Saturday "childish and disgusting."

Read the Reveille's article (Warning: Contains profanity)

Reporter:  Caroline Moses, WAFB 9NEWS