Johnny Anderson Steps Down

Johnny Anderson, Chairman of the Southern University Board of Supervisors, stepped down from his position Saturday morning.

9 NEWS recently broke the news of a lawsuit filed last September by two employees at Southern University of New Orleans. The suit made serious charges against the Chancellor, Victor Ukpolo.

9 NEWS obtained a copy of an internal audit which provided strong evidence for those charges. Anderson has been accused of keeping the findings of that audit from the Board and the public for the last seven months.

Last November Anderson was being accused of sexual harrassment of female employees at Southern University of Baton Rouge. He was allegedly seeking sexual favors for promotions or job security.

Yesterday Demoine Rutledge, President of Southern's National Alumni Federation attended the meeting of the Board of Supervisors with a warning. "I just stopped to serve notice that the alumni federation will not sit by as a spectator and see the dimunition and destruction of this institution from within. We're just not going to do that," Demoine said.

At the board meeting that was continued today, Anderson suprisingly announced that he would temporarile step down from his position as Chairman.

The message from the Alumni Association may have had something to do with that but our sources on the inside indicate that Anderson had no choice, saying that the Board made the decision that Anderson would step down.

A special meeting of the Southern Board has been scheduled for next Saturday.

Reporter: Paul Gates