Appeals Panel Refuses To Reduce Life Sentence

BATON ROUGE (AP) - A state appeals court panel has refused to reduce the sentence of a man serving life in prison for the 1992 shooting death of an LSU student.

Dale Dwayne Craig had asked the state First Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the sentence, arguing it is unconstitutionally excessive. Last year, Craig was spared from the death penalty, after the U.S. Supreme Court decided that penalty could not be applied to anyone who was younger than 18 at the time of a crime. Craig was 17 when Kipp Gullett was shot and killed.

But, in a decision this week, a three-judge appeals court panel ruled Craig's life sentence was not unconstitutionally excessive or "grossly disproportionate" to the severity of the crime. According to court records, Craig and three accomplices abducted Gullett from a campus parking lot, before Craig shot Gullett to death.

Court records indicate Craig also threatened to kill those with him if they spoke.