Windsheild Wipers

Streaks on your vehicle's windshield indicate worn wiper blades.  The rubber squeegee, or refill, is replaceable and has the shortest life of all wiper parts.  The refill will begin to deteriorate within six months of installation whether the wipers are used or not.

Wiper Inspection

Lift the wiper arm away from the windshield and inspect the rubber refill for the following:

  1. Edge if rubber warped
  2. Rubber split apart
  3. Rubber brittle or cracked.

You can also purchase refills at your local auto store or service center.  To purchase the correct refills you must know:

  1. Length of old blade
  2. How refill is held in place
  3. The make, model, and year of vehicle

Windshield Washers

The windshield washer system consists of a washer pump, spray nozzles, and a fluid reservoir all connected by a series of small hoses.

Cleaning the System

To inspect and service your windshield system, follow the listed procedure.

  1. Nozzles can become clogged.  To unclog them, pierce the clogged opening with a pin or a piece of fine wire.
  2. Flush the system with plenty of clear water to be sure the liquid is flowing freely through the nozzles.
  3. Check the washer solution container to be sure it is at least half full.  If the solution level is low, add commercial washer fluid.