Automatic Transmissions

No matter how well an engine is tuned or how much power it has, no car can move unless that power is transmitted to the drive wheels.  A great part of this job belongs to the transmission.  Transmission drive gears are selected either manually or automatically.  Power is transmitted from the engine through the drive train to the drive wheels.
Checking Fluid Levels:

Check the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) level at the intervals recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Check the fluid level with the engine at normal operating temperature.

If the vehicle is cold, run the engine ten minutes to warm the fluid.

With the car on a level surface, apply the parking brake and start the engine.

CAUTION:  Make sure the parking brake is on.

Let the car idle as you move the shift lever through the entire gear range, returning to Park or Neutral.

Clean the area around the transmission dipstick, remove it and wipe it clean.  Reinsert the dipstick in the filler tube all the way.  Remove it and read the ATF level on the blade.  If additional ATF is required, add the type specified in your owner's manual.  DO NOT OVERFILL.  Reinstall the cap and shut off the engine.