Changing The Oil And Oil Filter

When it is time to change your engine oil (consult your manual for oil change intervals), park your vehicle on a flat surface. Run the engine for a few minutes to warm the oil and help it drain more freely. Place a flat drain pan under the engine oil drain plug and use the proper size wrench to remove the drain plug and washer. Let the oil completely drain from the engine. Clean the plug and washer, and replace them. Be careful when replacing the plug. It should turn easily. If it doesn't, backit out, and check the threads for dirt. Clogged  threads make it difficult to replace the plug correctly and may cause the system to leak after the new oil is added. Place the drain pan under the oil filter. Use an oil filter wrench to turn the filter counter clockwise. Remove it and pour the old oil in the filter into the drain pan before throwing it away. After the oil stops dripping from the engine wipe the area with a rag. Be sure the old filter's gasket came off with the filter.Then, before installing a new filter, apply a thin coat of  new oil to the gasket to the new oil filter to lubricate it. Spin the new filter onto the engine.When the gasket contacts the engine turn an additional half turn unless otherwise recommended by the filter manufacturer. Remove the oil filler cap and pour the required amount of oil in the engine. Check your manual for type and amount. Run the engine at idle for a few minutes. Check to be sure the oil pressure goes out or the gauge indicates pressure. Also check for leaks around the oil filter and drain plug. Check the dipstick to be sure the oil level is correct. Properly dispose of used oil.