Master Cylinder

-Master Cylinder Function The hydraulic brake system is a closed hydraulic system. This means that the entire system must be full of fluid at all times. The fluid reservoir is often combined with the master cylinder. When you apply your brakes, the pressure is transmitted to shoes or pads which contact the brake drums or discs, stopping your vehicle.

-Master Cylinder Inspection Since 1967, all cars and light trucks are equipped with a dual chamber master cylinder. This cylinder has two fluid reservoirs to provide fluid for two separate braking systems. If one hydraulic system develops a leak, the other system will stop your car. The master cylinder is normally mounted on the left side of the engine compartment. To check hydraulic brake fluid level, wipe the top of the master cylinder with a clean cloth, insert a screwdriver under the cap holddown clip and snap it off. If either reservior is low, add clean brake fluid that meets the carmaker's specifications. Install the cylinder cover and replace the clip, snapping it into place.Cation: Certain late model cars have brake systems that may contain fluids under extremely high pressures, even with the engine off. Before opening any system, check your owner's manual.