Sportsline Summer Camp: McKinley Panthers

Sportsline Summer Camp: McKinley Panthers - Part 1

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Monday night's Sportsline Summer Camp visited with McKinley High, a school that has certainly dealt with a ton of adversity and turmoil in recent months.

The LHSAA hammered the Panthers with huge penalties in the wake of 150 school violations discovered by an audit. Eligibility issues and poor record keeping were major problems for the school, which was also hit with a $42,000 fine.

The football team, as all McKinley athletic teams, is banned from the playoffs for two years.

Former head coach Robert Signater will serve as the interim head coach for one year and then hand off the duties to a coach in waiting.

"The guys that are seniors now were actually freshmen when I left, so they just tried to find someone who had a fit and knew something about McKinley to bring in and stop the bleeding," said Signater. "So, the first thing I did … I knew I needed some help, so I solicited Coach [Sean] Beauchamp to be the associate head coach ... the coach in waiting."

"When he first talked to me, I was adamant about, 'No, I'm going to stay where I'm at,'" Beauchamp added. "And then, called back again and we talked. Made a great offer. Couldn't pass the chance to be an associate head coach. I still get the opportunity to sit under him, learn some other things that I may not know at this point, so I can add on and build."

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