Local businesswoman uses online influence to motivate Baton Rouge residents to ‘geaux’

Local blogger uses influence to motivate Baton Rouge residents to ‘geaux’
Source: Shop SFT/Instagram
Source: Shop SFT/Instagram

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "Don't Stop Just Geaux." That's the message from Baton Rouge businesswoman and new blogger Meredith Waguespack and she's using her massive following on social media to share her positive message.

Her Louisiana lifestyle brands have grabbed the attention of thousands of fans on Facebook, Instagram and her blog, Sweet Baton Rouge,
which launched this year.

"We've been doing this for eight years. I am so pleased and so grateful for the growth that it's had," said Waguespack who first made her mark with her t-shirt company.


"I'm a girl. I love football. So the original name is Southern Football T-shirts and it's a mouthful so we decided to just go with SFT," said Waguespack.

"SFT is a Louisiana t-shirt company with a great passion for game day. We also love sweet and southern."

Shop SFT has become the premiere place for anyone in "Tiger Town" to find purple and gold game day tees. The site also offers t-shirts for you to show your love for Louisiana. Currently, her Shop SFT Instagram page has more than 12-thousand followers.

In the aftermath of the Baton Rouge flood in 2016, Shop SFT created a Cajun Navy t-shirt as a fundraiser for the Baton Rouge Food Bank. They released more Cajun Navy t-shirts in 2017 and in those two years, Shop SFT has donated nearly $50,000 to the food bank. The company plans to do another fundraising campaign marking the two-year anniversary of the flood.


The latest line she's launched for Shop SFT focuses on athletic wear. Waguespack recently kicked off her athleisure wear line which includes tanks, leggings, visors and more, with her mantra and motivating moniker, Don't Stop Just Geaux, printed on each piece.

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"Personally for me, it means just get out there and go. No excuses. Just do it. It's just getting out there and going, setting goals for yourself, being active."

Waguespack says she was inspired to create a fitness line after having surgery on a torn tendon in her ankle.

"I had physical therapy and I just had to get back to my normal self. Fitness has always been a huge part of my life. I just wanted to give myself a reason to just get out and go," said Waguespack. "And I wanted it to be something that was relatable to the people of Louisiana with the word 'geaux' in there."

To support the brand and encourage people to workout, Waguespack and her fitness bloggers share videos, boomerangs, and pictures of their workouts on her social sites. She's also opened up on her blog about her journey back to running.

"It's been very organic just kind of sharing my story and getting back out there and getting on the horse and giving it a good ol' try," she said.


You can find the fitness related blogs on Sweet Baton Rouge in the section titled, "Don't Stop Just Geaux."

The Baton Rouge based blog also includes sections on what do, where to go and what to eat.

"Our goal for our blog Sweet Baton Rouge is to work with local influencers to build a community to share different fun things that they love about Baton Rouge or the hidden gems that they just want to share."

Waguespack also uses her platform to support other women. Her team of contributors on the blog include Baton Rouge moms and other Baton Rouge businesswomen.


Waguespack also created a sister brand to SFT called Lagniappe Box which is a themed-box full of Louisiana-made products that can be ordered online or at a discount with a monthly subscription. The box is different each month but always contains an original SFT shirt and four products from local businesses.

"That is the bones of this business, supporting Louisiana and supporting it's makers, the people, the influencers. All three brands all kind of go back to all of that. We're all one big community here."

Waguespack talked to WAFB's Get Fit Red Stick Facebook group to share her inspiration for her new line, "Don't Stop Just Geaux," as well as her love for Baton Rouge.

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Waguespack wants to encourage others to get back into fitness. She shared her tips with Get Fit Red Stick.

"Don't overwhelm yourself with big goals. Start small with a goal that is attainable. For myself, I'm only up to three miles. My goal is to run a 13.1 again but I'm not committing myself to it yet because I'm not there. I'm starting small and setting a goal and my goal is to work more on my endurance, my breathing, and working on a little more of my speed than necessarily trying to tackle the long distance miles," she said.


  1. Start small
  2. Set an attainable goal
  3. Write it down
  4. Stick to it

"You can be so active in so many ways not even necessarily going to fitness classes. You can find ways to stay active at home. You always have five to 10 minutes a day to do something for yourself," she said.

"You just have to get over the hump and tell yourself, 'Don't Stop Just Geaux."

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