Employee from viral Rouses video gets education opportunity, new car

Employee from viral Rouses video gets education opportunity, new car

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The viral video of one Rouses employee has truly become a life-changing moment. The video Jordan Taylor helping autistic teen Jack Ryan load drinks into a grocery refrigerator has led to overwhelming praise for his actions. And now, he's got more rewards to show for it.


Central Community schools held their convocation at Greenwell Baptist Church Monday morning. Jack Ryan is a student at Central High School. There, Taylor was honored for his actions. Baton Rouge Community College gave an open invitation to Jordan so he could attend the school.

"That's really opening something up for me where I can just go to school, stay close to home, at least I can stay in the Baton Rouge area," Taylor said. "That would be awesome for me."

He says he's going to discuss the opportunity with his mother and decide if that's the direction he wants to go. Taylor wants to become an elementary school math teacher.

"I feel like it would be something good for me just to help others because I did tutor people during class or help them with something, and it was very fun for me just to help others," Taylor said.

After the BRCC announcement, representatives with Neighbors Federal Credit Union announced they would be donating a car to Taylor's family. They say they'll be working with his mother to arrange the giveaway.

A GoFundMe page was also created for Taylor and has raised over $115,000. Taylor says all of that money will be going towards his education.


He says he still plans to work at Rouses.

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