HAND IT ON: Rouses employee makes special needs teen feel like part of the team

Hand It On: Jordan Taylor

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - It's a story that went viral. It's a story that was picked up and broadcast by three major news networks. It's a story that played out in Baton Rouge at Rouses Market on Drusilla Lane.

Jordan Taylor stocks groceries at Rouses on Jefferson at Drusilla. One Sunday afternoon, a father and his autistic son were shopping in the store when Jordan was refilling the beverage cooler with orange juice bottles.

You see, Jordan wants to go to college to become an elementary school math teacher.

Viewers and friends established a GoFundMe account for Jordan to assist with tuition costs. Click here to visit the GoFundMe page.

Noticing a young man named Jack Ryan was watching him stock the shelves, Jordan struck up a conversation with the shy young man. As Jack Ryan became more comfortable, Jordan instinctively picked up on the fact Jack Ryan was very interested in stocking the shelves. So Jordan handed him an orange juice bottle and let him place it in the cooler.

Then another. And another. Until Jordan's pallet was empty.

All this was being secretly recorded by Jack Ryan's father on his cell phone.

Dad shared the video with Jack Ryan's sister, Delaney.

"As somebody who has two siblings that are on the spectrum and who teaches children with special needs," Delaney explained, "when you see somebody like that you want them to get the recognition and you want them to get everything because they deserve it." Delaney was talking about Jordan Taylor, the stock boy.

"A lot of people, ya know, especially young men these days, they could have just ignored a kid. But he was selfless and humble and patient and he stood there and he let him [Jack Ryan] have his moment."

"I think Jordan was placed here at that moment," Delaney admits, "and Jack Ryan was placed here at that moment to have that moment happen."

We met up with Jordan at the store one afternoon. He too, is quite shy and was uncomfortable with all the attention.

"It was just me being me," Jordan exclaimed. "It wasn't so much patience as it was just seeing [Jack Ryan] enjoying what he was doing at that time."

Needless to say, our Hand It On this week practically wrote itself. We presented Jordan with our $300 cash recognition. And when asked what he was going to do with the money, he said he would save it for school.

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