Young boy's hysterical reaction to hooking fish goes viral

(WAFB) - One of the many joys of fatherhood is passing along the skills and knowledge a dad has learned to his kids.

Fishing was something Walker native Matthew Baxter hoped to share with his son, also named Matthew. However, when 3-year-old Matthew actually managed to hook a small fish, his reaction was not what you'd expect.

In a video with viral potential, Baxter filmed his son successfully reel in the fish. However, when it flopped onto the ground in front of him, the little boy screamed in terror and demanded his dad "get him back in the water."

While the young Matthew comes from south Louisiana stock, his family now lives in New Jersey, following his father's service in the Army and an addition of Matthew's baby sister.

Fortunately, the elder Matthew said after the fear of that first catch wore off and the younger Matthew wanted to stay at it. He said his son even caught two more fish. He added he's thrilled so many people have enjoyed the video.

"I'm glad his character got to shine through for the world," said Baxter.

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