DDD promotes fitness in downtown Baton Rouge with ‘Get Fit Downtown’

DDD promotes fitness in downtown Baton Rouge with ‘Get Fit Downtown’
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Fitness activities and events are not new to downtown Baton Rouge but the Downtown Development District (DDD) is making sure there's better access to areas and equipment to help you focus on fitness.

The DDD is launching a new fitness initiative called Get Fit Downtown to highlight the different fitness opportunities the downtown area has to offer, and not just for the people living in downtown Baton Rouge.

"We have some 26,000 people that work in downtown. You can walk to all these places if you want to, easily at lunchtime," said Davis Rhorer, Executive Director of the DDD.

"We have a lot of people that come in and out of downtown to conduct business. If you're at the state capitol or the courthouse or you're going to River Center, you can check out these fitness centers as well."

The DDD is also making improvements to amenities along the levee, including new signs of maps, water fountains and bike repair stations.

"You can go from Florida at River Road on top of the levee, all the way down to Farr Park. That's six plus miles," said Rhorer.

Runners, Joggers and walkers can be seen all hours of the day taking advantage of the Levee Loop which includes a half mile or mile and a half look along the top of the levee.


  • Starts at Florida Street Riverfront Gateway
  • Half mile or mile and a half loop along the top of the levee

"Right now you can run or walk or bike on all these routes and you never have to deal with an automobile or vehicle. It's all off the road, which I think is very important," said Rhorer.

"Eventually, when we open up from Hollywood all the way to L'auberge, that will be 13.1 miles. For those runners who are aware, that's a half marathon. So there and back is a marathon without ever having to cross a street or having to deal with a vehicle," said Rhorer. "And you get great views of downtown, LSU, the Mississippi River," he continued.

Rhorer says they will probably open up the portion for Hollywood Casino in the next two months. The levee route connecting Farr Park to L'auberge, the 13.1 mile route, is still under construction and will likely be done next year.


  • From downtown promenade north of I-10 Mississippi River Bridge
  • Continues south past Skip Bertman Drive at LSU to Farr Park
  • 4.31 mile stretch
  • 15 foot wide path
  • Separate lanes for bicycles and walkers/joggers
  • Links to riverfront promenade

The Levee Bike Path is a 4.31 mile stretch that extends from the end of the downtown promenade just north of the I-10 Mississippi River Bridge and continues south past Skip Bertman Drive at LSU to Farr Park. There are also bike repair stations for anyone riding along the Levee Loop or Levee Bike Path.

"We just installed the bike repair station at Riverfront Plaza which is where the dock is. So you can pump up your tires if you need to. We have all the tools there so if there are any issues with your bike, you can use those." Rhorer says it's free for anybody to use.

The Mississippi River Levee steps is also a good place for an incredibly intense workout. The Downtown Greenway provides free access to exercise equipment including pull-up and sit-up stations.


  • Connecting Myrtle Avenue and South Boulevard
  • Pedestrian and cyclist trail pathway
  • Trailhead facilities with bike racks
  • Indoor and outdoor basketball court & football field

Downtown also offers several indoor fitness facilities, making fitness even more convenient for people living or working downtown.


  • 4Forty Fitness
  • Anytime Fitness
  • Charles W. Lamar, Jr. YMCA
  • One Heart Yoga
  • Recalibrated Strength Conditioning

You can access all of the downtown fitness facilities on the DDD website.

DDD Executive Director Davis Rhorer spoke with WAFB's Get Fit Red Stick group on Wednesday, July 18. Click here to join the group.

There are several free fitness events every week in downtown. CLICK HERE to sign up for the DDD email list to know what events are happening downtown each week.


  • Every Tuesday at 6 p.m.
  • Happy’s Irish Pub
  • 136 3rd St.


  • Every Thursday in July at 5:45 p.m.
  • Cane Land
  • 760 St. Philip St.


  • Thursday, July 19 at 6 p.m.
  • USS Kidd
  • 305. S. River Road

You can contact the DDD office at 225-389.5520.

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