Geismar man fed up about sewer manhole in middle of yard

Geismar man fed up about sewer manhole in middle of yard

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - One man from Geismar has tried for years to find out why a sewer manhole ended up in the middle of his yard. He reached out to our WAFB 9News Alert Team to help solve this mystery.

"I said, 'That don't belong here and it can't stay.' They got in their truck and left," said Rodney Gilcrease.

Gilcrease has lived in a mobile home community in Dutchtown for 30 years. He says he enjoys living there, but there's just one problem. "I've got this sewer manway in the middle of my yard and there's no reason for it, and I'm trying to find who'd take responsibility for it. Nobody wants to take responsibility for it," he said.

Gilcrease says the manhole was put there several years ago, right in the middle of his yard.

"When I first contacted the parish, they came right out, uh one of their supervisors came out and he hadn't hardly gotten out of the truck  and he said, 'This thing is illegal. It doesn't belong up in your property. That's what we give up 15 feet of servitude for is to put that kind of stuff in it,'" said Gilcrease.

Gilcrease says he's called multiple parish departments; none are able to tell him who is responsible, and he's had enough. "I'm just getting the run around and like I say, it gets frustrating when you can't find anybody to say, 'Okay, this belongs to us.'"

Gilcrease says he's even more upset about an old trailer he wants removed from his yard, but he says that won't happen anytime soon unless the manhole is moved. "People that I've talked to, they can't, nobody can get in, get a hold to it and get it out of here because of this thing right in the middle of the way."

Gilcrease tells us he didn't know where else to turn, but to our 9News Alert team. "I just ran out of options. That's the reason I called y'all. I said, 'Hey, maybe y'all can get to the bottom of this.'"

Our 9News Alert Team was able to find out who is responsible for the manhole. We reached out to the Ascension Waste-Water Treatment Company. They confirmed it is their property and say they are looking into it.

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