Cancer patient hoping apartment complex will fix leaking roof

Cancer patient hoping apartment complex will fix leaking roof

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - "You know when you pay for something, you don't want to live where you gotta' put buckets down and you know, your children gotta', you don't wanna', nobody wants to live like that," said Beverly Gatlin.

Gatlin lives in the Copper Ridge apartments on Lobdell Boulevard. She's battling stage four lung cancer, and now she has to battle with the apartment complex too. She says she and her husband have been trying to get them to fix the roof for months, but it's always the same response.

"We kinda' just get pushed off like, 'Oh, we're gonna' send somebody, somebody's gonna' come do it.' Nothing. And this has been going on since April'," said Gatlin.

Things have become so bad that Gatlin's got involved. But she says there's only so much she can do. "It really tears me apart 'cause I can't, my hands are tied, you know. All I can do is just ask for help, you know, try to talk to them, you know, and do what we can to keep her comfortable," said Vadra McNair.

McNair says even the nurse is concerned about her sister's health. "In her nurses eyes, that's neglect still. That's neglect on our end if we okay and it's neglect on this apartment complex because they are aware of her condition."

For McNair, she just wants what's best for her little sister.

"I want her as comfortable as she can. That's the nurses job, that's our job, to keep her as comfortable as we can... that's not comfortable."

Our 9News Alert team approached the apartment's management after hearing Gatlin's story, but they refused to comment. We tried calling a few hours later; they have not returned our phone calls. We will continue to provide updates as this family's living conditions change.

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