Stand Up to Hunger: Helping families in need

Stand Up to Hunger: Helping families in need

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - January brought hard times for Edith Mosley Doucet, both emotionally and financially. Suddenly, she needed help making ends meet just to put food on the table. The Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank filled that need.

"Many people don't realize that you have it one minute and the next minute you don't have it. I just thank God for the food bank," said Mosley Doucet.

Once a month, Mosley Doucet receives a box a food from the food bank to supplement her pantry, including fresh produce. Hot meals are provided weekly from True Light Baptist Church, one of dozens of food bank partners. "Basically, in the 11 parishes, including East Baton Rouge, we deal with between 80 and 90 thousand individuals needing assistance," explained the food bank's CEO, Mike Manning.

The need for the food bank's services goes up in the summer, but often, it's during this time that donations dwindle.

"It's one of those things. Our demand goes up because kids are out of school, not getting a free or reduced school lunch, but they don't think about us because they're thinking about summer vacation or what they're doing with kids during the summer," said Manning.

That's why the food bank launched its latest donation campaign, Stand Up to Hunger, with help from Baton Rouge Physical Therapy Lake and WAFB. Manning explains donations allow the food bank to remain stocked and ready to serve, without having to charge for those services.

For more information on Stand Up to Hunger, click here.

"We don't charge any shared maintenance or membership or anything for our agencies, who are in some of the poor parts of our communities to be a member and get food from us," said Manning.

"It just was a blessing and I just want to thank God for the people that the Lord touched their hearts to just give to the food bank because in my book, it's very well needed," said Mosley Doucet.

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