Hand It On: Baton Rouge Food Bank Volunteers

Hand It On: Baton Rouge Food Bank Volunteers

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Earlier this week, we introduced you to a group of Baton Rouge Food Bank volunteers called the "Wednesday Warriors" and let's just say they managed to catch the attention of a lot of folks, including our Hand It On team.

"We had the equivalent of 17 full-time employees last year from our volunteers," said Michael Manning, CEO of the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. "And, we're already ahead of last year's pace this year."

Manning said the volunteer base is key to the food bank's operation. Volunteers allow the food bank to use money that would have been used on salaries, to instead, be used to help provide food for the 11-parish area it serves.

The Wednesday Warriors, in particular, is a group of 10 or so volunteers who give up part of their day every single Wednesday, rain or shine, to work at the food bank.

"A lot of retirees is part of this process," said Terry Cormier, one of those volunteers.

Cormier has been part of this group for five years and still gets emotional when speaking about the need in our community.

"I'm okay but sometimes, I can't speak. There's needs and this helps. It doesn't take care of everything, but it goes a long way toward solving some of the problems. We get young adults coming in to do service hours. It's always good to work with them. And there's always music around to keep you going," Cormier added.

We surprised the Wednesday Warriors with an unexpected visit.

Hand It On is here today with $300 for the Wednesday Warriors to do whatever you want to do with it.

"I think a good cause might be to turn this around and give it to Mike and let's feed a few more people," said Cormier.

Are you serious?

"Absolutely," Cormier replied.

Where's Mike Manning? Get Mike Manning in here. Mike Manning?

"Thank you for recognizing our volunteers," said Manning.

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