HAND IT ON: Good Samaritan Travis Catron

Hand It On:Travis Catron

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - He's only been in Baton Rouge for two months and he's already been a blessing for at least one person.

Travis Catron just moved here from Memphis and was establishing his new banking account at Region's Bank on Jones Creek Road. When he returned to his car after making a withdrawal, Travis noticed an envelope on the ground. Thinking he had dropped the envelope he'd just received, he picked it up.

"So, when I got to the car, I kind of looked down," he said. "And, I'm like … saw the money."

"And, I knew I had just been putting the money in my pocket, so I'm like … I didn't really think nothing of it at the moment. But basically, once I got home, checked my pocket, had the envelope, and I was like, 'OK, this is not my money.' So, I counted it. And, it was a pretty large amount, about $950. So, I was like, 'Man, this has got to be somebody's rent, something.' So, I kind of started freaking out," he explained.

Travis returned to the bank with the money and told the assistant branch manager what happened. The bank was able to track down a lady who had recently made a $950 withdrawal and was, at the time, unaware she had dropped it. She drove back to the bank and met Travis in person.

"I gave [the money] back to her. And yep, she was very gracious. She was like, 'Thank you so much,'" he added.

Our Hand It On team heard of this story and met with Travis to welcome him to Baton Rouge with our $300 gift.

"Man, that is crazy man. I'm blown away. Definitely didn't expect this to happen today, but it's pretty amazing," a quite stunned Travis exclaimed.

Travis admitted there was never, ever a question in his mind as to what he was going to do with the envelope of money he found.

"I was basically brought up the right way and if it was me, I would want somebody to do the same thing. Like I said, it was just basically the right thing to do; [if] you do the right thing, I feel like the right thing will follow you," he said.

And, good things did, Travis. And will.

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