The Charlie Rocket Dream Machine Tour comes to Baton Rouge

The Charlie Rocket Dream Machine Tour comes to Baton Rouge
Source: Charlie Jabaley Instagram (@Charlie)
Source: Charlie Jabaley Instagram (@Charlie)
Charlie Jabaley and Mayor Broome (Source: WAFB)
Charlie Jabaley and Mayor Broome (Source: WAFB)
Sign your dreams on The Dream Machine (Source: WAFB)
Sign your dreams on The Dream Machine (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A former music manager turned motivational speaker is biking across America to help people's dreams come true.

Charlie Jabaley, also known as "Charlie Rocket," has spent the past year chasing his dream to get fit. He weighed more than 300 lbs. when he was given life-altering news.

"When I was diagnosed with a brain tumor I was looking at my life and I said there has to be something more than just being a businessman," said Jabaley

He retired from the music industry at age 29, transforming his life, and chasing his childhood dream of becoming an athlete. Jabaley lost 130 lbs. and is biking across the country to share how he turned his dream into reality.

"As I'm chasing my dream everywhere I go, I'm trying to help people chase theirs as well," he said.

His new mission is to transform 1,000,000 lives. He launched his Dream Machine Tour biking from Santa Monica, California on April 22 and plans to make it Time Square in New York City before the end of June.

He made a stopover in Baton Rouge Wednesday, June 6, and will be in the Red Stick for a few days to give people a chance to name and claim their own dreams by writing it on his RV, aptly named "The Dream Machine."

Baton Rouge Mayor-President Sharon Weston-Broom signed a proclamation supporting his mission.

"I'm extremely happy to meet Charlie, to have the Dream Machine here in Baton Rouge, because it's an inspiration to so many people. Of course when you think of Charlie's personal story in terms of his own motivation for doing this, it is certainly an inspiration to all of us," said Mayor Broome.

A parade will be held in his honor Friday, June 8, at noon at Town Square in downtown Baton Rouge.

Jabaley, a Grammy winning music manager, managed acts like 2 Chainz and Travis Porter to chase his childhood dream of becoming an athlete. He's since completed three marathons and became an Ironman.

Fellow music entrepreneur and Baton Rouge-native, Randy Jackson, shared some encouragement for Jabaley.

"Yo, Charlie Rocket! Make sure you're spreading that love in my hometown of Baton Rouge, bro. Show it. Prove it. Be 'bout it, yo," said Jackson in a video message sent via text to Jabaley.

For Jabaley, the cross-country trip is more than just a dream come true. He says everywhere he goes he's trying to help people.

In Phoenix he helped a school teacher diagnosed with breast cancer pay off her mortgage, medical bills, and bought her a new car.

While in Houston he says he bought a new car for a homeless teenager who just graduated high school so she drive to work when she goes to college.

"I wanted to set the example that it's okay to help people now. We don't have to wait for Thanksgiving. We don't have to wait for Christmas. People need help in this country. They need help now, and we can make their dreams come true," said Jabaley.

You can watch Jabaley talk about The Dream Machine Tour here:

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