New cookbook focuses on men's health

New cookbook focuses on men's health

(WAFB) - When you think of a prescription or doctor's orders for your health, you probably don't picture a cookbook, but that's the concept behind the Guy's Guide to Eating Well. It's a cookbook designed with men's health in mind.

"When they leave my office, they need something to go on," said men's health expert, Dr. Curtis Chastain.

The cookbook is a collaboration between Chastain and cookbook and health book author, Holly Clegg. The goal is simple: treat food like preventative medicine and make it taste good too.

Recipe samples are available through Clegg's blog, found here.

"We're going to show you chapters on heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, cancer prevention, really the whole gamete," said Clegg.

The recipes range from grilling to dessert and are divided into health chapters designed to help men, or whoever is cooking, take control of their health. "The chapter we have on diabetes guides you towards foods that are going to help your condition get better, not worse," explained Chastain.

Each recipe includes the nutritional information, a diabetic exchange, and easy health tips. For example, a way to cut sodium when cooking with canned beans is to give them a quick rinse.

The authors believe it's also eye opening, showing cooks everywhere that healthy food can be easy and tasty. "Maybe, just maybe it will help them make changes in their diet that will prevent something from happening along the way," said Clegg.

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