Get Fit Red Stick group adds hundreds of members in first month

Updated: May. 29, 2018 at 8:59 PM CDT
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George & Rosemarie Wilson (Source: Facebook)
George & Rosemarie Wilson (Source: Facebook)
WAFB's Liz Koh shares recipes to meal prep
WAFB's Liz Koh shares recipes to meal prep

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - WAFB's new Facebook Group, Get Fit Red Stick now has more than 500 members. The station launched the group in the beginning of May 2018.

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Members are actively sharing how they get fit by posting videos on the group page.

Husband and wife George and Rosemarie Wilson enjoy working out together. Sometimes they even do Zumba together in their kitchen.

Together, the couple helps with the Healthy Lives Ministry at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Donaldsonville, Louisiana.

Trainer Neal Dakmak from Dakmak Performance shared an impressive video of his 81-year-old aunt, Joyce Westmorelan, performing some bench presses, proving it's never too later to get in the gym.

Dakmak says to do a bench press properly, it takes a lot of skill and strength but says Westmoreland makes it look easy.

Retiree Dale Russell shared how he stays fit and has fun in his free time, by paddling the LSU Lakes.

The Get Fit Red Stick group is open to anyone interested in Fitness. You can share your workout videos, pictures, and post questions, like Angie Thibodeaux who asked the group  for advice on giving up soft drinks.

Each week, group manager Allison Childers will lead a Facebook live conversation connecting group members to fitness experts in the Baton Rouge area. It's an opportunity for members to get answers to their questions about fitness.

Joining the Get Fit Red Stick group also makes you an automatic member of Team WAFB, giving you a glimpse of how the WAFB News Team stays fit.

WAFB's very own Ironman, Cheryl Mercedes, shares pictures from her bike and swim training.

Robbie Reynold recommends boxing as a great cardio workout. He also says it's a nice way to blow off steam.

Liz Koh's secret to staying in shape is meal prepping. She also works out with a trainer several times a week.

Get Fit Red Stick is a place for you to learn fitness tips, trends and events happening in the capital area.

Join now to meet others with a common goal, to get fit. There are hundreds of group members ready to help you keep pushing toward your fitness goals.

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