Report ranks La. 4th in police officer deaths

Report ranks La. 4th in police officer deaths

(WAFB) - A new report paints a dangerous picture for Louisiana law enforcement.

In 2017, the Bayou State ranked fourth in the nation for police officer deaths.

According to the FBI, 93 officers died on the job last year across the US. Five of those deaths happened in Louisiana.

Some of those were accidental, but others involved officers killed in the line of duty.

Either way, experts say this newest statistic makes it difficult for the local governments to find and retain qualified officers.

Pay plays an important role in convincing people to take on this dangerous job.

Officers with the Baton Rouge Police Department start at just over $30,000 a year.

Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul is pushing for city leaders to approve a pay raise.

It's not clear if that will happen.

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