KIRAN: Lengthy, salacious report released on Board of Private Security Examiners

KIRAN: Lengthy, salacious report released on Board of Private Security Examiners
Published: Apr. 26, 2018 at 10:00 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 27, 2018 at 10:33 AM CDT
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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a 64-page report into the State Board of Private Security Examiners. That report was provided to the 9News Investigators.

The Board of Private Security Examiners is tasked with overseeing all private security companies in Louisiana. The executive director of the board, Fabian Blache, and his executive assistant, Bridgette Hull, have been on paid administrative leave for four weeks now.

A letter from some of the employees, written anonymously to the board chair, triggered an investigation by the EEOC into "numerous allegations of discrimination based on sex, age, and race." They looked at 13 specific allegations. After interviewing many of the board's employees, including Blache and Hull, they substantiated some of the complaints.

But Blache told WAFB on Thursday this is just retaliation against him for being tough and getting the job done. He says two days after he had a "tough talk" with a female employee about all the time she had been taking off work, she filed the complaint against him. He provided WAFB with a recording of that same employee made last July when a board member asked her how she liked working for Fabian Blanche.

"Honestly, guys, Fabian is the best boss I've ever had," said the employee on the recording.

On Thursday, that employee told WAFB that was in fact her voice on the tape, but she says that was after only working with him for a few months. She claims since then, things have gone downhill drastically.

In their report, EEOC investigators say Blache does not fill out time sheets and Hull only fills out some. The report states: "Hull does not work consistent hours and that she works all hours of the night and some weekends."

When investigators questioned Blache about if he signed Hull's time sheets, the report stated: "He said he signs off on a lot of stuff. He said he doesn't remember."

Both testified that "it is their understanding they do not need to fill out time sheets because they are unclassified, salaried employees."

Another allegation by a fellow employee was that when Blache is in his office "Hull will come in and sit on his knee" or "sit on the arm of the chair or desk" and give and receive "back massages." While Blache denies any of that happened, EEOC investigators say "Hull admitted Mr. Blache massaged her neck, she sat on the corner of his desk at meetings, and draped her feet over the side of chair."

Another complaint filed was that Hull allegedly showed some employees where she had a tattoo removed near her private area. Hull denied it when questioned, but the investigators said "she admitted she has shown her tattoos to 'everybody.'" During the interview, the reports say she pulled her pants aside "to show the investigators a different tattoo" near her private part.

In another matter, the EEOC says it "found sufficient evidence" that Hull shared an inappropriate picture with some employees showing her ex lying in bed naked with another woman. Blache was looked at by the EEOC for allegedly calling some employees "old ass crackers."

Blache told the EEOC, "Absolutely not" and "I think I'm a little bit savvier and more educated and more refined and sophisticated than to do something like that. I don't use that kind of language."

Blache told WAFB on Thursday he disciplined two employees for using the n-word and in doing so, told them that using the n-word was offensive and would be like him calling white people "crackers."

But the EEOC investigators, in their report, say there was evidence that "Blache more likely than not referred to white employees as 'crackers.'"

A meeting has been set for the morning of Monday, April 30 for the board to decide if there's any disciplinary actions should be taken against Blache or Hull based on the report.

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