KIRAN: Board's executive director on secretly recorded video: 'I run this show'

KIRAN: Board's executive director on secretly recorded video: 'I run this show'
Updated: Apr. 9, 2018 at 6:33 PM CDT
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BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A secretly recorded video of the Louisiana Board of Private Security Examiner's CEO and Executive Director, Fabian Blache, shows him making it clear who's the boss.

Blache has been in his current role for the past two years. The Private Security Examiner's Board is responsible for overseeing all private security firms in the state. Blache has been the CEO and Executive Director for two years.

On March 29, Blache and his executive assistant Bridgett Hull were both placed on leave with little public explanation.

In a phone interview with 9News on Monday, Blache refused to go into specifics but said he believes he knows exactly what's behind it all.

He said, for the first time, in a long time, someone at the board - specifically himself - is doing the job right. He added he is making tough changes and leading by example. He said that's not sitting well with some.

9News has learned the investigation into Blache and Hull started with an anonymous letter from some of his employees claiming he shows favoritism and saying morale is "at an all-time low." The letter continues by claiming that employees are forced to live day-to-day "wondering if we will have our jobs tomorrow." The anonymous letter also alleges that they're forced to work in unfair conditions.

The 9News Investigators also learned the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, was called in and interviewed many of the employees at the agency. The group is expected to hand down a decision as early as Tuesday.

Blache said he expects he and Hull will be cleared of any wrongdoing and allowed to return to work.

Blache also said he did nothing wrong on the night of a secretly recorded video obtained by the 9News Investigators. It shows Blache and Hull going out near LSU to inspect a private company working security for Tigerland bars.

In the video, Blache reprimanded the owner of that company for seemingly overstepping their authority in making arrests and for not having properly licensed employees.

"You stipulated when you got your license to a provisional license that could be revoked at my discretion," said Blache.

Blache told the owner he needed to stick to the rules and regulations he agreed to or else he could get a "C and D," or cease and desist, putting his private security company out of business in Louisiana.

"That's just not cool. Besides the fact it won't be tolerated because I'll just C&D you Monday and we can end it," said Blache.

Blache did ultimately revoke that company's license.

Sources told the 9News Investigators what's on the video is also part of the current investigation.

Sources also said as executive director, Blache has no business going out himself to conduct inspections along with his assistant using her cell phone to record it all. But Blache disputes that, saying the agency has been run poorly for years and that he is turning it around even if that means going out at midnight to do the job himself.

"I hold credentials from the state police, from the parish, and from the state board. I'm credentialed eight ways to Sunday. I run this show," said Blache.

Blache once worked for the New York Police Department and the Louisiana Attorney General's office as an investigator.  Blache seemed confident on the phone that he would soon be back on the job.  However, that will be up to the board that hired him after they review the EEOC's findings as early as Tuesday.

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