THE INVESTIGATORS: New documents in Sterling case

THE INVESTIGATORS: New documents in Sterling case
Triple S Food Mart

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - State and federal authorities logged more than 60 items of evidence during their investigation into the shooting death of Alton Sterling, according to records from the Louisiana Attorney General's Office obtained through a public records request by the 9News Investigators.

On Tuesday, March 27, Attorney General Jeff Landry announced that Baton Rouge Police officers Blane Salamoni and Howie Lake would not face any state charges in the July 5, 2016 fatal shooting of Sterling outside the Triple S Food Mart on N Foster Drive.

Landry's office conducted an investigation that shared evidence with federal authorities who had previously investigated and cleared both officers of civil rights violations. The evidence included items such as DNA swabs, weapons, ammunition, Taser cartridges, cell phones, multimedia files, clothing, and money.

  • Forensic evidence included:
    • A swab of blood from the front of Officer Blane Salamoni’s uniform shirt
    • Two swabs of “possible DNA” from a Glock 34 pistol
    • A swab of “possible DNA” from a tactical light mounted onto the pistol
    • A swab of “possible DNA” from a Taser
    • A “contact swab” collected from some live rounds
  • The weapons and ammunition included: 
    • A .38-Special Taurus revolver, which police say belonged to Sterling
    • Six unspent rounds of .38-caliber ammo (Crime scene analysts collected a “contact swab” from those bullets)
    • A Taser with two spent cartridges
    • Three Taser probes and Taser wire
    • Two magazines, each containing 17 rounds of 9 mm ammo
    • A magazine taken from a Glock 34, which contained 11 rounds of 9 mm ammo (Salamoni fired six rounds into Sterling) 
    • One 9 mm round taken from the chamber of a pistol
  • A total of 48 multimedia items were compiled in the investigation. Among them were:
    • Footage from two police body cameras
    • Dashboard camera video from the officers’ police cruiser
    • A downloaded video “reported to be from shooting incident of Alton Sterling"
    • The Triple S store’s surveillance DVR
    • Cell phone footage from the owner of Triple S
    • Footage described as “clear video” from the owner of Triple S
    • A black and blue ZTE cell phone with a black case
    • 911 call audio
    • Audio from dispatch and police radio transmissions 
    • iPhone video provided by Tyresha Henderson
    • A DVD described as “enhanced audio and video file”

Also logged into evidence were six projectiles taken from Sterling's body during the autopsy, along with what appear to be some of his personal effects, including $321 in cash, a black wallet, three keys on a key ring, khaki shorts, a red shirt, and a size 62 belt.

It appears authorities took statements from seven witnesses.

The Baton Rouge Police Department announced Tuesday that its internal affairs investigation into the two officers at the scene of the Sterling shooting should be complete by Friday, March 30.

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