Woman gives graphic testimony in case where she and then boyfriend murdered her convicted molester

Woman gives graphic testimony in case where she and then boyfriend murdered her convicted molester
Jace Crehan (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Jace Crehan (Source: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office)
Robert Noce Jr. (Source: EBRSO)
Robert Noce Jr. (Source: EBRSO)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Walker woman testified in court Tuesday in the case where she and her then boyfriend, Jace Crehan, 23, reportedly broke into the trailer of her convicted molester back in 2015 and murdered him.

The Advocate reports Brittany Monk, 20, who pleaded guilty to manslaughter back in June for the murder of Robert Noce Jr., 47, testified on the second day of Crehan's trial. She says it was Crehan's idea to beat and tie up Noce so he would not bother them.

"Yeah, I agreed to everything," said Monk in the trial.

Noce was the former boyfriend of Monk's mother. Monk testified Tuesday that she lived with Noce and his daughter for about ten years after Monk's mother left him.

Just before his death, Noce pleaded no contest to molesting Monk when she was a kid.

Monks says in an attempt to scare Noce, she and Crehan broke into Noce's trailer around 1:30 a.m. on July 4, 2015 after Crehan used a screwdriver to remove a window air conditioning unit from the trailer. Once inside, Monk says she and Crehan attacked Noce, who was sleeping. Monk says Crehan wrestled Noce to the floor, choking him and Noce kicked and screamed.

The Advocate says Monk admitted to spraying Noce with cologne during the attack and punching him 10 to 15 times.

"I just kept screaming, 'You ruined my life,'" Monk said, also calling attention to the fact the was 7-months pregnant at the time of the incident.

Monk says eventually, Crehan asked her to bring him a knife. She got the "biggest" one she could find from the kitchen and walked into the bathroom While Crehan stabbed Noce five or six times.

In letters Crehan wrote to Monk while in jail he told her, "We're not bad people. He attacked you twice. I blacked out giving directions because you were in danger."

"I heard the knife stabbing him, like crunching on leaves that are brown," Monk said.

She also said blood squirted out of Noce's neck like a "ketchup pack being stepped on."

According to the Advocate, Monk says Crehan then asked her to find something to tie Noce up with once he stopped moving. She says Noce was making a "gurgling" sound at that point. Monk says she found ties and a belt hanging behind the door that Crehan used to bind Noce's hands behind his back. Crehan tied the belt around Noce's neck.

Monk says Crehan then stood up, put one foot on Noce's back, and pulled the belt upwards for about a minute before dropping it. The couple then put Noce's body inside a 55-gallon drum Noce used to make wine, Monk says. The two then cleaned up their bloody footprints with towels and put the towels and gloves that Monk wore into the drum as well.

Monk says she and Crehan got rid of their bloody clothes at a car wash and Crehan threw the knife in a lake. The knife was recovered by police from the lake. Jurors were shown a picture of this white-handled knife during the trial Tuesday.

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