More than 2,000 families have now moved out of FEMA trailers after 2016 flooding

Updated: Nov. 3, 2017 at 4:54 PM CDT
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(WAFB) - More than 2,000 families have made progress in their recovery efforts after the August 2016 flooding and have moved out of their Manufactured Housing Units (MHU) issued by FEMA.

About 4,500 eligible families were put in MHUs after the flooding.

The majority of families who were placed into MHUs live in Ascension, East Baton Rouge, and Livingston Parishes. At this time, about 2,500 families are still living in MHUs while they repair their flood-damaged homes.

MHUs were provided by FEMA at the request of the state as a temporary housing solution. Victims of the flooding can stay in MHUs up until February of 2018 if they continue to work on their long-term housing plans.

Representatives with FEMA meet with MHU occupants regularly to offer help in getting them back into their homes.

FEMA says about 63 percent of flood survivors are currently on track with their permanent housing plans.

Flood victims can click here for resources to help them meet the February 2018 deadline.

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