Accused murderer kept notebook of personal writings

Accused murderer kept notebook of personal writings
Kenneth Gleason - Mugshot taken on Sept. 18, 2017

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A search warrant filed Wednesday in the case of alleged murderer, Kenneth Gleason, shows investigators recovered a notebook filled with personal writings and vials of anabolic steroids, among other things, from Gleason's home.

Gleason was arrested September 19 on two counts of first degree murder, two counts of illegal use of a weapon, two counts of attempted first degree murder, and aggravated criminal damage to property. He is being held without bond.

In the search of his Baton Rouge home in the 5100 block of Sandy Ridge Drive, detectives found a green notebook with personal writings, vials of testosterone enanthate, and a bag containing a green, leafy substance, among other items, according to the warrant.

It's unclear what Gleason's personal writings said as police have yet to release more details regarding the evidence.

He is accused of killing two black men in early September and shooting into a black family's home. No one was injured in the third shooting.

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