Father of missing LSU student provides update, says football game has hindered search

Father of missing LSU student provides update, says football game has hindered search

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The father of an LSU student who has been missing nearly a week has created a Facebook group to provide updates, in which he also expressed his personal concerns of how the search has been handled so far.

On Saturday, in the public Facebook group, consisting of over 1,100 members as of Sunday morning, Michael Nickelotte Sr., father of missing LSU student Michael Nickelotte, Jr., gave details of his son's disappearance and police response, which he said he believes has been hindered by LSU football.

"I feel no advance of my son's case has been accomplished recently and in the days ahead because of the gridlock on campus due to the LSU home game," Nickelotte said in a lengthy update on the group's page.

Investigators said Michael Nickelotte, 21, was last seen at his on-campus apartment Monday at 1 a.m. on his own.

Nickelotte said his son apparently left without his cell phone, computer, wallet and IDs, and car keys. His car was left parked on campus as well, he said.

He also gave details of search efforts made so far in the five days Michael Nickelotte, Jr. has been missing. According to Nickelotte, to date the following search efforts have been made:

  • Search of Mississippi River Levee behind LSU Campus and the river itself using boats and helicopter on Monday and Tuesday, according to LSU Police
  • Roommates, friends of Michael and NROTC were interviewed mostly by phone and some in person.
  • Michael Nickelotte, Jr. was placed on a Missing Persons List with the National Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS)
  • Private remote areas of campus were searched, according to LSU Police. The areas were not specified.
  • Sweep of the nearly 400 buildings on Campus has been conducted, according to LSU Police
  • Nickelotte's iPhone and laptop have been subpoenaed and are currently undergoing digital electronic forensic investigation
  • A mass email sent by LSUPD to student was sent out on Thursday

Nickelotte also says he has been contacted by multiple concerned family, friends, and even complete strangers offering assistance on many levels. He says they are mostly current LSU parents or possibly have military ties.

Nickelotte announced that a small group of friends and family will conduct a search on Sunday around his son's apartment complex to "uncover areas of focus" that law enforcement officials can pursue.

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