Help for Harvey coming in small, handmade packages

9 year old sewing for flood victims
Updated: Sep. 2, 2017 at 10:07 PM CDT
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Katie Harper, 9 (Source: WAFB)
Katie Harper, 9 (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Katie Harper is just your average 9-year-old, but for the past several days when she comes home from school and after she finishes her homework, she sews. She says it's a hobby of hers.

Although Katie has been sewing for about two years. Now, she has a purpose.

"It's important to be kind to people," she said.

Katie's mother, Melody Harper, said while the storm was passing through our area last week, she came up with an idea that allowed her daughter to use her sewing skills and help someone at the same time. Harper suggested that Katie sew blankets and pillowcases for flood victims in Houston and surrounding areas.

"It hit me. There so many kids that have lost everything. A little bit of comfort goes a long way because they're being shuffled around they don't know where they're going," said Melody.

Melody pitched the idea to Katie and they've been cutting and sewing ever since.

"Last year it happened to us and a lot of friends had flooded. So, I wanted to make some pillows and blankets for them in Houston," said Katie.

"She's a good kid and she's got a good heart. She'd help the world even if it meant giving the shirt off of her back," said Melody.

So far Katie and her mother have put together 10 pillow and blanket sets that include a little note from the makers.

"I would want somebody to do something like that for me if I got flooded," said Katie.

"It's human nature. We should all want to help everybody. I know that if something happened to us, I would hope that someone would help me. I don't care where they were from. I would accept any help. Anytime I see someone in need, I would like to help," Melody said.

Melody said there's no end in sight, they've got materials to make 25 more sets and donations continue to roll in. "...She and her brother want to send one to every kid. I know we can't but it would be nice."

Melody said she's using a simple method to get their handmade items to Houston. She simply searches Facebook for a group that states they're Texas bound and asks if they can send their pillow and blanket sets along.

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