Denham Springs company refueling Cajun Navy boats in Houston

Denham Springs company refueling Cajun Navy boats in Houston

DENHAM SPRINGS, LA (WAFB) - A couple of guys keeping the Cajun Navy fueled up in Houston made it back home to Denham Springs Wednesday afternoon. "It's a mess. Everything is underwater, "said Carlos Abbott, a truck driver for Wastewater Treatment System and Operations.

"It looks like a marsh where the weeds are just sticking up out of the grass and water flowing everywhere," said Jeffery Brice, another truck driver for the company.

For the past two days, Abbott and Brice have been tailing the Cajun Navy in a dump truck with a 2,000 gallon tank in tow. Both drivers have been refueling empty boats to make sure the Cajun Navy's efforts to save flood victims weren't slowed down by lack of gas.

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"I just like helping people whenever I can. That's the way we were brought up down here. When you see somebody in need, go and do what you can to help them," said Brice.

Owner of the operations company, Doug Bozeman, says as a former storm adjuster, he knew gas would be scarce during the storm, so instead of using his fuel tank for the company trucks, he donated it to those putting their lives on the line for others.

"If everybody does a little bit to help, then a lot gets done. I'm just doing what I can do and there are thousands of other people doing what they can do," said Bozeman.

The drivers reportedly helped fuel almost 100 empty fuel tanks, including some for law enforcement. Bozeman says the support received last year after the flood was life changing. He just wants to continue paying it forward.

The drivers did have a minor setback during the 8 hour drive home however. The windshield wipers stopped working and the portable generator used to run the fuel tank was flooded. Dozeman says after fixing those minor issues and refueling, he plans to send another set of drivers to Houston by Friday.

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