Sgt. Bruce Simmons, deputy injured in ambush shooting, soon to put uniform back on

Sgt. Bruce Simmons, deputy injured in ambush shooting, soon to put uniform back on

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Sgt. Bruce Simmons, a deputy with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office who was wounded in the July 17, 2016 ambush shooting, learned from his doctor Tuesday morning that he can now return to full duty.

The doctor reportedly told Simmons the bone in his arm has healed. Simmons has now been cleared to return to motorcades with EBRSO.

Simmons is now awaiting word from the sheriff's office exactly when he can return to work.

Last week, after an X-ray showed one of the four screws in his arm may have backed out, the doctor was afraid it meant the bone may not have healed and Simmons could need another surgery. However, everything has healed after bone was taken from his hip and left leg to put into his arm.

Simmons is one of six law enforcement officers shot one year ago.

"I was shot in the left arm, right above the elbow on the inside of my arm and completely disabled my arm," Simmons said.

After the shooting, the X-ray revealed there was no bone connecting his upper arm to the lower arm. The shrapnel is still lodged in his arm. Simmons was also diagnosed with radial nerve palsy, meaning he could not do what he normally does with his hands, such as pick things up or even move his fingers. Now, he finally has use of his hand again, but his muscles are still weak.

"I am gripping. My strength is improving. I did go to the indoor range and shoot with my left hand because that was one of the prerequisites my doctor asked me to do before he would release me to full duty and I was actually surprised at the accuracy I had with this hand," Simmons added.

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