Many Omaha natives cheer for LSU at the College World Series

Many Omaha natives cheer for LSU at the College World Series

OMAHA, NE (WAFB) - The spirits certainly are not dampened in Omaha, as LSU fans know very well there is still plenty left in the tank after a close game one loss to Florida in the finals of the College World Series.

It was disappointing loss for the Tigers, but you can tell there are a lot of old pros in Omaha, as far as the fans go. They know it's not over at the CWS and they're already trying to think of new ways to get the momentum going for game two against the Gators. Some fans at the hotel Monday night were asking if I was good at bubble letters to help make them a new banner, so I may be getting on that later.

We also went to the famous Barrett's Barleycorn Pub and Grill for game one Monday night. That was where a lot of the Omaha Tiger faithful watched the game, while the Louisiana visitors were inside TD Ameritrade Park. In that final inning, the Nebraska natives were hanging on by a thread. Barrett's actually hosted the 2009 Championship victory party for the Tigers and regular patrons are ready to do that again.

"Fan for 20 years, 20 years at this bar," said Lee Moore.

What makes you cheer for LSU?

"The sportsmanship, the fanship - they're awesome. I remember the first year. We were outside. There was a bunch of LSU people and the players were here. It was amazing and since then, I've been following for 20 years," Moore answered.

So, what do you think about Monday night? I know it was kind of a disappointment, obviously.

"They had potential. There was chances. But they're going to recoup tomorrow. It's going to go to Wednesday and we're going to win it!" Moore replied.

"I'm an LSU fan because I love all the fans that come to Barrett's and how they treat us," added Jon Kallhoff. "It's pretty cool and working here is awesome and when they all come in here, it makes everything liven up a bit. When we get it packed, it's even more fun. And when LSU wins, it's even better, so we're hoping for tomorrow night that we have a good game and everything."

The bar was just decked out in LSU flags, with every employee wearing purple and gold. So, much of the city of Omaha is behind LSU and not losing faith in the Tigers. There were more than 25,000 people in attendance Monday night inside the ball park and it was really just a sea of purple and gold in the crowd.

We'll see what happens in game two at 7 p.m. in Omaha.

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