Angela Gabriel: The next chapter

Angela Gabriel: The next chapter

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - The life journey of Angela Gabriel has taken a very hard turn. But she will not let her life be dictated to her. Not anymore.

"I had just said the week before this happened that I felt so alone and unloved," she says. "Then all of you show up to show me how much you love me."

And there is a lot of love surrounding Angela.

The first time we introduced you to her was in the hospital recovering after being shot nine times in her bathtub back in February of this year.

Like last time, we aren't focusing on the shooter. An arrest has been made and the courts will handle that. This, is about Angela.

"No one ever really gets to experience this. What you see is, you have a funeral. You send the flowers and the cards, and everybody says I wish I could have said this or done that. Well, I got the opportunity to experience the flowers and the cards. Just the love. It was overwhelming."

She spent weeks in the hospital and then seven more weeks down at Touro Rehabilitation Center in New Orleans.

"I had one therapist, maybe 5'2", 120 pounds. I would often ask her, 'Girl how are you going to slide my fluffy self across this board?' When I left Baton Rouge it took four or five people to rotate me in the bed, or even move me out of the bed. By the time I left Touro, I was sliding with one person from my bed into the wheelchair."

And so now it's on to the next chapter, recovering and rehabbing back at home.

"I am so blessed. You know that saying in Psalms, it talks about your cup runneth over? Well at this moment my cup does. All the blessings, that I can give blessings away now."

So many blessings. Fellow employees and friends from Keller Williams Realty and other volunteers, came over to help customize her house to her needs. Yard work and ramps. Doorways widened. Bathrooms modified. All of it, donated time and materials.

There's still much to do, and there is a lot of good happening.

But there are still those moments.

"I'm allowed a 10 minute pity party every day. That's all I'm giving myself. Because it's very easy to slip into that state of depression. When I cry, I don't cry about my paralysis or my modified life, I cry for my friends and my family. I watch all the things that they do for me. When I'm watching my mom take care of me and roll me, I think about how much their life has changed."

And  it's changed for everybody. They're doing things differently now.

For Angela, it's learning that she can do things at all. Like when she doubted she could actually do laundry.

"I was like I can't reach the buttons. So she pushed me in there and said reach for them buttons. I reached for them buttons and was like, oh, I can do laundry."

Her sense of humor is still so very strong. Her spirit, too, just radiates from her. It's easy to see why so many people have been pulled towards her and her messages about domestic violence.

"There are reasons women stay, and people need to stop being so judgmental when it comes to those things. Just offer help. Just offer help. God has given me the gift of gab. I just have to figure out what he wants me to do. I see now that that gift is evolving. I love talking to people. I love helping. I just want to bring a smile to people."

And she has, for so many. It's like a friend, a fellow realtor, told her, you're still here for a reason.

"She said I was going to heaven and I was getting ready to go through the gates and God said, 'oh no send her back down here. I know my son Jesus says there are a lot of mansions in my house, but Angela Gabriel will not be coming up here to sell those mansions - send her back down. I am not finished with her yet.'"

No Mrs. Angela, he certainly isn't. And we are all so thankful for it. On to the next chapter.

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