New tool aims to put a lid on opioid drug abuse

New tool aims to put a lid on opioid drug abuse
Source: WAFB
Source: WAFB

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Opioid overdoses are becoming more common by the day, including in Baton Rouge.

"It hits one in every third family, so it's a big problem," said Larry Twersky, CEO of TimerCap, llc.

Now people have a new tool in their arsenal to guard against opioid addiction and it fits snugly right on the top of their pill bottles. Timer Caps are out there and Twersky says it's a hassle-free way to prevent drug abuse.

"It's very simple to use, so that way when people take it, it's something that they don't have to think about," said Twersky.

The special caps come with a timer built in. After someone takes a pill and closes the cap, it starts counting to let them know how long it has been since the bottle was opened. Not only will it keep you on track when taking prescription drugs, but Twersky believes it will also keep your family members accountable.

"Being able to measure and monitor your progress is important," Twersky said. "Now you have a detection and a deterrent because people know that they can get caught by opening up your medication."

The caps are available for about $10 at most Rite Aid and CVS stores, but he says the goal is to get all opioid bottles equipped with the special packaging. "Current packaging, the child resistant packaging, was created in 1970 or 47 years ago. Now, opioids have gotten almost a thousand times stronger and the packaging hasn't changed," he said.

Until then, Twersky says it's vital that people have a plan in place to prevent overdoses. "No matter what they do, they should have a rule and a process in place to handle this so that they don't become addicted and their family members don't become addicted," Twersky added.

The product is also available online by clicking here.

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