OUR TURN: Vickie Williams-Tillman

OUR TURN: Vickie Williams-Tillman

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - What a joy it is for us to be able to recognize the heroism of Vickie Williams-Tillman.

She's the 56-year-old woman who risked her own life to help a Baton Rouge police officer who was violently attacked by a drug suspect Sunday morning.

When Williams-Tillman saw the struggle she immediately called 911, and then, she did something truly heroic. She rolled down the window of her car and called out to the officer to see if he needed help. She said she could not hear his response, but she could see in his eyes that he did need help, and she said that she did what God needed her to do. She jumped on the suspect's back during the struggle and grabbed his arm to prevent his hand from reaching the officer's gun.

Like so many true heroes, Williams-Tillman was modest and self-deprecating about her achievement, although she did volunteer that she's always been a "tough cookie." Vickie Williams-Tillman, you are our hero. Thank you.

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