THE INVESTIGATORS: Pictures, court documents uncover abuse allegations against State Senator Troy Brown

Updated: Jan. 17, 2017 at 4:37 PM CST
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Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office
Source: Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office

GEISMAR, LA (WAFB) - Pictures and court documents obtained by the 9News Investigators reveal a history of abuse allegations against a state senator.

911 audio recordings uncover the tense moments between Senator Troy Brown and his wife the night he was arrested at their Geismar home.

9News Investigator, Cheryl Mercedes, found out it was not the first time police responded to the senator's home. The 11-minute phone call that came from Senator Brown's Ascension Parish home on July 17, 2016 sheds some light on the relationship he had with his wife, Toni Brown.

"He came home. I was sitting up," Toni Brown said.

"You were sitting up acting stupid. That's what you was acting. Tell it right," Troy Brown said.

"I'm here ma'am," the dispatcher said.

On that night, according to reports by the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, Toni called 911 to report her husband had bitten her and thrown the television set.

"Did he throw the TV down," the dispatcher asked.

"Yes ma'am," Toni Brown said.

"I bought it, okay. The police ain't bought this (expletive) TV. I bought it," Troy Brown said.

During the call, the couple's terrified 12-year-old son can be heard crying in the background. The senator gets so loud the dispatcher has trouble hearing his wife.

"I wish you would (expletive) move. That's what I really want you to do. I've been trying to get you to do that, but you still here," Troy Brown said.

Toni eventually finds a way to describe what she says happened that night when her husband got home. Toni said she was in their bedroom watching television when he walked in and threw the TV to the ground.

"He pulls the TV down and says, 'Now watch that.' I said, 'Go on, wherever you are going,'" Toni Brown said. "He comes over to me and turns the light out and then he starts pushing my head down in the bed and then he goes to get my phone and I take my phone and I try to take my phone, but by this time he had me down on the bed and he bit me."

Pictures taken by Ascension Parish Sheriff's investigators show what appear to be a bruised forearm. There are also pictures showing a damaged television speaker and a dent in the floor.

Toni later told deputies the senator had physically abused her in the past. In the report, the investigator stated that another deputy had been out to the residence five months earlier for a domestic disturbance call. It resulted in no arrest due to a lack of physical evidence.

According to court documents, in October, Troy Brown filed for divorce. The record also shows that this past November, his wife filed a request to have the charges against her husband d ropped, but the District Attorney's office still prosecuted the case.

Troy Brown's future in the State Senate is unclear. Several of his colleagues have openly called for his expulsion.

Senator Brown pleaded no contest earlier this month and got a 30-day suspended sentence. He does have to spend 48 hours in jail, of which he has served ten hours so far.

Troy Brown's attorney, Harry Ezim, did not respond to our requests for comment.

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