East Feliciana Sheriff's Office trains for active shooter scenario

East Feliciana Sheriff's Office trains for active shooter scenario

EAST FELICIANA PARISH, LA (WAFB) - It was a busy day at Silliman Institute in East Feliciana Parish as 29 law enforcement officials took part in a training session on how to respond if there's ever an active shooter.

"I think that's just the thing about law enforcement, it's so unpredictable at times," said East Feliciana Parish Sheriff Jeff Travis.

Sheriff Travis said the July ambush on police in Baton Rouge is an example of why this active shooter training is so important. "The lessons that they're learning are three lessons: to get in the fight, to stay in the fight, and don't shoot the wrong person," said Sheriff Travis.

Those lessons were put to use as 29 officers ran through different scenarios with a simulated active shooter on a school campus and then two different shooters in two hallways.

"This is a first for a lot of them for even having the basic active shooter course, but certainly I think almost everyone in this group here has not had an active shooter training course to this level," said Sheriff Travis.

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff's deputies, along with officers from the Clinton Police Department and Jackson Police Department, took part in the training, as well as officers from Dixon Correctional Institute, Probation and Parole, and police from Walker and Zachary.

"There's been active shooter cases in every type of situation you can imagine. The more people we can train, the better we are, because you never know who is going to be coming by such a situation," said Sheriff Travis.

The training did not cost East Feliciana Parish any money and that is because it's a federal program. The National Center of Biomedical Research and Training is provided locally through LSU.

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