U-Haul riding thieves hit homes in multiple parishes

U-Haul riding thieves hit homes in multiple parishes
Source: Kristi Swanson
Source: Kristi Swanson

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - Police want homeowners in the Baton Rouge Metro area to be on the lookout for a particular U-Haul moving van.

They believe the people driving it are stealing people's packages. At least two homeowners have captured the thieves on home security cameras.

Homeowners in the Shenandoah neighborhood have their eyes peeled for a U-Haul moving van. They said it has been popping up on home security cameras in the area for a couple of weeks. They believe the driver and passenger are using it as a disguise to target mail deliveries.

Homeowner Kristi Swanson said she started reviewing her home surveillance footage when she realized a package that she had been waiting for had been delivered on October 26 and was missing.

"We have several security angles of the vehicle approaching," Swanson said.

She saw a U-Haul moving van pulling into her driveway, backing out, then stopping in the middle of the street. A man got out and started peeking through her windows.

Another camera angle shows him looking into Swanson's front door before running off with the package. Swanson said she was home when it happened.

"I thought this is pretty bold. My truck is parked right by the door, broad daylight and here they are peeking in my windows," Swanson said.

Then, Swanson said, she saw a similar story on WAFB by a homeowner in Prairieville. The home surveillance captured a man and a woman taking six packages full of Christmas decorations from the doorstep.

"Immediately I saw the van and I was just shocked. This is either a ring or the same people," Swanson said.

Swanson said the thieves got away with some inexpensive electrical supplies, but she fears the problem will only get worse as Christmas approaches.

"Turn yourself in or just stop. Give us a break. People work really hard, and they've been through enough," Swanson said.

The sheriff's offices in East Baton Rouge and Ascension parishes are investigating. Anyone who sees a U-Haul van circling a neighborhood is asked to report it to police immediately.

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