New time capsule placed in same location as one from 1939

VIDEO: Recovered 1939 time capsule has new home, additional items
Secretary James Leblanc, Janice Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey, Rick Harvey, Jason Macon (Source: WAFB)
Secretary James Leblanc, Janice Harvey, Elizabeth Harvey, Rick Harvey, Jason Macon (Source: WAFB)

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A new time capsule is filling the space where one from 1939 was removed and it includes a special letter from a man beloved by many.

In March 2016, a time capsule was located and removed from the old Louisiana School for the Deaf and former Baton Rouge Police Headquarters building. The items from that time capsule are now housed at the new Louisiana School for the Deaf.

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Department maintenance manager Nate Harvey and offender Jason Macon had a key role in finding the location the old capsule because they searched for weeks before finally locating it.

Harvey is also credited with the idea of placing a new time capsule in the space where the old one was previously housed.

"It's exciting to preserve some of our items in a time capsule for future generations to discover and learn about what the Department was like in 2016," said Department of Public Safety and Corrections Secretary James M. Le Blanc. "We're placing in the time capsule Corrections badges, uniform patches, Department marketing materials, sample items produced by Prison Enterprises, and copies of the original Louisiana School for the Deaf blue prints and the 2015 building renovation plans."

Harvey passed away unexpectedly a few months after the discovery, but he did get to leave something behind for the capsule.

"Before he [passed away] he was able to write a letter to be included in the capsule," said Leblanc. "A copy of the letter is among the items in the box we will place in the corner stone today. I read it, and it was very emotional and amazing."

Harvey wrote the letter for his 4-year-old daughter Elizabeth.

The new time capsule also includes Harvey's obituary.

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