Woman allegedly schemes elderly parents out of thousands

Woman allegedly schemes elderly parents out of thousands

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - A Baton Rouge woman is in jail after scheming her elderly parents out of thousands of dollars. According to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office, Pamela Uptigrove, 53, obtained power of attorney over her parents and allegedly moved them into a nursing home.

Corporal Jessica Pizzolato says Uptigrove convinced her parents that both were sick and needed around the clock assistance. While her mother is indeed in need of assistance, suffering with Alzheimer's Disease, her father is in good health. He said that Uptigrove led him to believe he had a medical condition and needed to move into the nursing home with his wife.

After speaking with his doctor, it was determined that he was lied to by Uptigrove and proceeded to move out of the nursing home into an apartment. The father then found out that Uptigrove had been abusing her power of attorney by using the couple's bank card without their knowledge.

She also wrote at least three checks from her parents' account to pay for her own personal utility bills while they were living in the nursing home.

From March to June 2016, it was discovered that Uptigrove had four of her parent's credit cards in her possession, all maxed out. Between the bank card charges, fraudulent checks, and credit cards, she schemed them and creditors out of over $16,000.

Uptigrove was arrested on charges of theft of the assets of an aged or disabled person, as well as fraud and forgery.

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