Ascension Parish officials expand curbside debris clearance program

Ascension Parish officials expand curbside debris clearance program

Information provided by Ascension Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness:

ASCENSION PARISH, LA - In an effort to meet the requirements outlined in FEMA's September 3rd, 2016 letter authorizing the Expanded Curbside Debris Clearance Program. Ascension Parish Government intends to follow the following procedures to implement the Program:

The Parish Debris Monitors will place door hangers on properties where debris could not be removed due to it being located off the right of way. The door hanger will ask the property owner to move the remaining debris to the right of way so that it can be removed in a subsequent pass. It will also inform residents that if they are not able to move the debris to the right of way they will need to visit Conference Room 105 at the Parish Government Complex located at 1024 E. Ascension Complex Blvd. to execute a Right of Entry form so that the contractor may enter their property and remove the debris.

The Parish will require a Right of Entry form to be signed by the property owner prior to removing any debris from private property. The Parish will utilize its debris monitors and supervisors to staff the sign up location and process the data received. The Right of Entry form will make the property owner aware of their obligation to report their insurance coverage and potential remittances to comply with the program guidance from FEMA.

After the ROE is executed, a work order will be generated in the DebrisTech System and forwarded to the Contractor for completion. The work order will include a barcoded ROW number that will be scanned and included on the load ticket for each load of debris removed from the property. The DebrisTech system will generate a list of properties from which debris was removed, along with the estimated quantity of debris removed from each property. This process will satisfy the requirement of the Parish providing a roster of properties that participated in the program, and will be included with the Debris Removal Project Worksheet.

After the debris removal process is complete, the Parish will use the roster provided by DebrisTech to send a letter to each property owner that participated in the program. This letter will ask them to provide the Parish with any insurance proceeds that they received for debris removal from their property so that those funds can be returned to FEMA, to avoid Duplication of Benefit. If there is no response from the property owner within 6 months, the city will send a second letter requesting any funds received for debris removal to be forwarded to the Parish for FEMA reimbursement. This process will satisfy the requirement of the Parish making a reasonable effort to make any collections under its obligation to prevent a duplication of benefits.