Woman finds time capsule when gutting out flooded home

Woman finds time capsule when gutting out flooded home

BATON ROUGE, LA (WAFB) - On a mobile device? Click here to see what Janet Knox found behind the walls of her home

Like many residents in the Baton Rouge area, Janet Knox spent the last couple weeks cleaning out her flooded house in north Baton Rouge, but behind the sheetrock she found something completely unexpected.

"Once I knocked the wall back and got the sheetrock out, I kicked a piece of paper, and I was like, 'what is this?' And I started moving everything out of the way and that's when I found the newspaper," Janet Knox said.

While gutting her home, Knox came across a treasure trove.

"I ran out of the house, I said, 'Y'all, guess what I found.' And they said, 'What did you find?' 'A newspaper from 1942,'" Knox said.

The June 21, 1942 edition of the 'Morning Advocate' has headlines that reflect a world at war. The Nazis controlled Germany. Japanese bombs struck terror at a hospital.

"I'm just still in shock of what I found, I didn't expect to find anything," Knox said.

The inside of the paper are advertisements for war bonds, termite control, and war insurance. Articles outline the latest updates from the front lines.

Knox's favorite page features photos of local swimmers. Some went to Baton Rouge High School, while others attended the LSU Lab School.

"I would love to see some of these people if they are still alive," Knox said.

The newspaper was only the beginning. Tucked beneath it in the wall was a collection of children's toys: a tin ship, a Disney figure, a doll, and utensils.

"I call them my treasures," Knox said.

Knox's home of nearly two decades is now a shell of its former self. Dismantled walls reveal a skeleton of 2x4s. The water-logged floor is collapsing.

However, in the aftermath of the storm, she found an unexpected silver lining.

"It makes me smile and gets my mind off of what's over there that's all torn up," Knox said.

Knox said she is not sure who put the items in the wall or why. However, she said she has no intention of getting rid of what she calls her "souvenirs" from a dark period for Baton Rouge.

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