Volunteers help Prairieville animal hospital reopen after flood

Volunteers help Prairieville animal hospital reopen after flood

PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) - On a mobile device? Click here to see photos of the flooding at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital.

When the water started rising, a small animal hospital in Prairieville had to act fast. Thanks to an army of volunteers, doctors were able to get back to caring for their patients.

"This is a rescue from Lamar Dixon. They've been taking in a lot of animals," said Rhett Mouton, DVM.

Cypress Lake Veterinarian Rhett Mouton is getting back to work at Cypress Lake Animal Hospital. The clinic is fully operational. While he and his staff are able to get back to work, they too are recovering.

"We just watched the water come up higher and higher and higher, and eventually realized we had to evacuate our patients," Mouton said.

The clinic got one to two feet of water. It was just enough to force them out of business. Dr. Mouton said with no flood insurance, their hands were tied.

"We had to basically pick up as soon as we could, clean out as soon as we could, get as sanitary as we could as fast as possible so it could be safe for our patients and our clients to come in," Mouton said.

They could not do it alone. Dr. Mouton said he took to social media asking for help. The response, he said, was overwhelming.

"We had some people who noticed us on Facebook and came from up North Chicago. They drove all the way down here with a loaded box truck with everything from cat litter to food to bedding, things like that," Mouton said.

Cypress Lake got so much stuff, Dr. Mouton hopes to bless others in need just as total strangers have done for him and his staff.

"It's been heartwarming that that amount of damage and trauma they go through that they can rely on their fellow human being. It came out of the woodworks. It was amazing," Mouton said.

Mouton also wants to remind pet owners to have their dogs and cats microchipped. And, do not forget to register it so that you can be reunited if your pet goes missing.

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