Town of Clinton taking in, distributing lots of donations

Town of Clinton taking in, distributing lots of donations

CLINTON, LA (WAFB) - Before the devastating floods hit the town of Clinton, a building on Jackson Street was vacant. That building was the old home of the Fire Department. Now it's loaded with donations of clothes, food, and water.

It has become the main distribution site for the city. Mayor Lori Bell says they see over 100 victims per day.

"They're very concerned, but I assured them that whatever we need to do, from the Mayor's office, to assure that they're not forgotten and they get what they need, we're gonna' work hard," Bell said.

Bell says the distribution site had to move from Town Hall to the old Fire Department because they were receiving so many donations. She says efforts by community leaders and outreach on social media has led to the surge.

Donations have come in from Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. "We prayed, and we asked god to fill up our storehouse and our warehouse because we needed to take care of the people of the town and that's what happened," said Clinton Chief of Police Fredrick Dunn.

Mayor Bell estimates that around 120 homes were damaged by the floodwater. The damage caught the eyes of the Dinwiddie sisters, Nadia and Briana, who have family ties to Clinton. They have volunteered every day for the past week.

"Before we knew it, there was huge donations coming in, lots at one time, and so we just gathered some people," Nadia said. "We're able to facilitate here and now we're able to just kind of work through all this stuff 'cause there's a lot coming in right now," Briana said.

That distribution center is located at 12305 Jackson Street. Anyone that wants to donate can call the mayor's office at 225-244-2288.

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